Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Happy Halloween!

 Mr. Potato Head
 Bee with cone stinger.

 Impossible to get both in a photo.

 Oh so tired.
 Playing with the neighbor's puppy.

The boys had a blast on Halloween!  We followed the usual tradition of hanging in my parent's neighborhood.  Easton insisted upon being Buzz Lightyear again.  We had Tegan be Mr. Potato head since there were no parts to keep on his head.  They went a little further trick-or-treating but still not too far.  I think Easton has only asked for his candy once.  Which is good because I think Chris ate most of it anyways!  Sorry for so many near duplicates of photos.  These boys are hard to capture on camera.  Especially in the same picture!

Recent Events

 Giving "knucks" to Swiper at the play.  My Mom and I took the boys to see the Dora play at Valley Youth Theater.  We had such a good time!

 Fall Festival at Vertuccio Farms.

Easton loved the air pillow.  Tegan, not so much.

 Classic Tegan face.

Caught in the act of cheating in the maze.

King of the mountain!

 Sweet picture with Daddy.

Angry picture with Mommy.

Deep Thoughts... by Easton Myles

One Friday not long ago Easton was helping me pack a bag for a sleep over at Grandma and Papa's.  He was looking at the items I had picked out and informed me that "Don't worry Mama.  We don't need this stuff.  Grandma has a clo at her house."  I kind of nodded and smiled but continued to pack but then he repeated himself.  I asked him if he meant clothes, thinking he was just mispronouncing the word by saying clo.  He said "NO Mama!  Grandma has A CLO at her house.  You know, just one?"  I giggled all night thinking about Easton giving me a lesson in singular and plural words at the age of 3.

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Pictures to show their girlfriends one day.

 Snuggles and kisses.

We did not stage this.  They totally laid down like that goofing around.

Highland Homecoming

 Ready for some football!   Or playing with friends.

Two seconds before Mommy briefly looked away and he fell.

Oh no!  The Hawk is coming!

Not so sure about this.

Tegan running away.


Showing off his first shiner.  I am sure you can guess who gave him this shiner. 

I am pretty sure I have a very similar photo of Easton standing on the same toy in the same outfit.

Tegan and his lovies- any soft blanket, puppy, moose, and puffin.  This is so funny because Easton never wanted a blanket or stuffed animals.